About Divi5ion


Team Divi5ion is a Multi-Gaming Organisation and are a group of friends playing online games for serious gamers as well as community gamers.

Established January "2009" by Jason 'Killerbadboy' Eke. We all are dedicating our time to our members we all intend to give long standing commitment to all who register with Divi5ion to build up a stable solid community how ever long it takes.

Divi5ion have a strong team of Admins dedicated in keeping divi5ion running smoothly: Unique(Gary Steele) ,Hotshot (Jason benson)  & Carlzje (Carl Graham)  along with regular donations from our loyal members we are ready for the e-sport boom.

Divi5ion was launched with the aim of becoming one of the world's leading Esport powerhouse. We are aiming to put Team Divi5ion on the gaming world map by bringing together the world's best players under the Power Gaming banner and helping to develop our younger talent into becoming the stars of tomorrow. We do this by enabling them to compete at events around the globe so that they can focus entirely on their game.

We also want to give something back to the grassroots community through the Divi5ion Gaming Community, which not only gives more casual gamers a place to call home but also includes talented teams in smaller competitive titles.